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Garden Arbours: Styles and Benefits

Garden arbours are impressive structures designed to add shade to a landscape. They feature a slatted roof and four or two posts. Designs can be customized depending on the landscape design and personal preference of users. Many homeowners use garden arbours to boost the beauty of their exterior. These structures are eye-catching and offer a number of benefits. In this article, we will discuss different styles, materials, and benefits of garden arbours.

Styles of Arbours  As arbours are available in different designs and materials, you can choose the one that complements with your other garden features. If your landscape has a contemporary design, you can go with a rusting-looking structure to make it more appealing. When it comes to the colors, arbours can be painted depending on other designs to ensure a perfect fit for a new landscape.

Here are some key arbour styles.  

Traditional Arbour: A traditional arbour features vine vegetables growing towards the top. The roof is normally flat and the design is simple. It offers a clean line for your garden entrance.   Archway Arbour: If you have a large landscape and you want to divide it with a clear line, then you can go with this option. It will offer a texture flow with a more cohesive color.  WoodArbour: Wood is widely appreciated for its classic look. Wood is affordable and available in a wide price range. However, it is prone to damage and demands extra caution to offer the desired benefits.

GableArbour: It comes with the pitched roof style. You will love the sharp angles. These angles will enhance the look of your garden and will make it inspiring.  These are common garden arbour styles. Now we will discuss the material to know which one is more suitable for your landscape.   Common Arbour Materials

Plastic: Plastic arbours are easily accessible and very popular as well. The reason is that plastic can be easily customized. You will get different shapes, designs, colors, and sizes. These are also durable and can last for years with a little maintenance. If buy one with UV stable, the color will not also fade for a long.

Wood: Wood is affordable and classy. However, it is susceptible to damages. It cannot withstand harsh weather conditions. Wood needs more maintenance than other materials.

Metal: Metal is durable and can survive a long regardless of weather conditions. These are sturdier than plastic and more durable than wood. Metal can bring brilliance to the look of any garden. The benefit is that it will fit seamlessly and naturally with any type of garden regardless of the size and shape.

Benefits of Garden Arbours –   A Shaded Outdoor Space  

A garden arbour offers a shaded space in adverse weather conditions to enjoy your drink with your family and friends. You can relax and chat and can spend some me time without any distraction as well. It will protect you from the direct exposure of the sun. You can boost its functionality and look by adding fans, hanging lights, and some other features. You can get all the required comfort and enjoy the beauty of your landscape in a relaxing afternoon.   Protection from Harsh Weather  An arbour will offer the most required shield from the rain and wind. If you have outdoor furniture, then an arbour can be the best addition to ensure the longevity and retain the original look of your furniture.

You can add an all-weather fabric to your arbour roof to maximize the benefits. This arrangement can protect your outdoor space even during rainstorms and high winds.   Supports Plants   If you have climbing plants in your landscape, then arbour can support their growth. Arbours are also considered best to display hanging plants.  Enhanced Curb Appeal  An arbour can enhance the beauty of any home exterior. Also, it will boost the value of your property. In addition, it will create an entrance to your garden and even protector your outdoor space from intruders. Arbours can be the best addition to any yard and landscape. You just need to act smart while choosing the material and design. Your budget, the design and size of your landscape, and your personal preference are a few determining factors to get one to boost the functionality and curb appeal of your home exterior.