Made ToMeasure Gates At The Lowest Prices

Automation Kits

Automated Gate Kits

Add a touch of class and added security to your home


With just a simple click to open your gates. No more trouble to manually open and close gats, especially if they are large and heavy.

Benefit from lower insurance rates for enhanced perimeter protection.

You decide who enters your property. A good set of automated gates can be a significant deterrent to burgers, car thieves or vandals.

Security and family’s safety. Children can be kept safely on the premises; gates can be set up to close automatically after they have been used, so you don’t need to worry.

1. Radio Controls have one or more channels memorised with the commands on the control unit and they are powered by an internal battery. Transmitters must be combined with specific receiver which is equipped with one or more channels to receive the signals.


2. Motors act on the gate or garage door to enable movement. They can be single or double, underground or externally mounted.


3. Photocells enable obstacle detection sending a signal to the control unit, which blocks automation movement via the motors. Photocells guarantee improved safety with respect to manual versions.


4. Switches digital or key operated selectors to activate automation, via cable or radio, also with proximity reader.


5. Control Units contain the electronics for the motor control. They can be external and connected to one or two motors, or integrated in the motor itself. The unit acquires the signals sent and can have the built in radio receiver.


  • Resistive and mechanical sensitive edges
  • Positive synchronised photocells
  • Facilitated release system
  • Obstacle detection and photo test to prevent manoeuvre in event of faults
  • 24 V power supply and rechargeable batteries to enable operation of the motor also in the event of a power failure
  • Fast, strong and utterly reliable systems thanks to die cast components