Made ToMeasure Gates At The Lowest Prices

How To Measure

Measuring and ordering your gates online has never been easier.

Follow the simple instructions below to get an accurate measurement

All of our gates are custom made to your exact specifications. To make the whole process as easy as possible, you just have to tell us the width of your gap and we will calculate the width of your gates for you. Yes! It’s as simple as that!!

1. How to calculate your width if you already have posts or pillars in place

Measure the width of your gap in Feet/Inches.

Simply measure the width of your gap at its smallest point.

When ordering from our wide selection of gates, select the width from our drop down menu. You must select the width that is the next size up from your exact measurement, So for example, If your gap is 9ft 4inches, you would select 10ft from our drop down list. You can then enter your exact measurement in the tex field provided and we’ll take care of the rest.

2. How To Calculate The Width If You Require Additional Posts

Just measure the width and if you require extra posts then we will calculate it for you. So no need to worry. Give us your gap measurement and select ‘posts’ and we will do the rest!

3. Find your perfect gate on our site and select the height you require and then select the next size up from the width of your gap. Measurements are in feet and inches.